Time to start working on your pitches!


With the exciting Asheville Startup Weekend only a couple of days away it is time to start preparing your pitch for a team!  Anyone who is considering making a pitch should remember they have 60 seconds to state their idea and what they need to get it off the ground.  There will be many other pitches and you need to make your idea stand out since you are trying to convince people to spend the weekend with you making it into a reality.

Elevator Pitch in Four Easy Parts

You only have 60 seconds so make it count.  Here are a couple of tips to help.  You should break your 60 seconds into four simple parts.

  1. Who are you (5-10 seconds)
  2. What is the problem you aim to solve (10-20 seconds)
  3. What is your solution (10-20 seconds)
  4. Who do you need on your team (5-10 seconds)

Practice Makes Perfect

Since you will be cut off at the one minute mark it will help to practice with a stopwatch.  Practice with a small audience like a family member or a co-worker at lunch.  Their feedback can be very valuable to adjust your pitch to attract the most team members.

Remember to have fun putting your pitch together and we look forward to seeing you on Friday night!

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