Here come the prizes…


It’s not just about the boasting rights

We have some great prizes to award the winners of this weekend’s Asheville Startup Weekend.  We will likely add more in the next couple of days but this is what the winner’s can look forward to already.

These are in addition to the experiences you will get by participating in Startup Weekend as well as learning how to get your idea off the ground.  These are worth the price of admission by themselves but we thought a little icing on the cake wouldn’t hurt to go with the boasting rights!


The Buzz (

The Buzz is offering a “social media design package” valued at up to $3000!  Whoot!  “The Buzz” is a great name for a company since that is exactly what they do!  They help you to create “BUZZZZZ” for your startup!  This is essential for any young company to succeed.


MOJO Coworking (

Craig at MOJO is offering two prizes!  Mojo is that awesome “co-working” facility where you can rent a work space so you don’t have to work out of your home.  They also have meeting rooms, a kitchen, a play area, printers, a person at the front desk, great wi-fi, and now they have a couple of 3D printers!

The winners will get FREE Flex Desk 3x at Mojo Coworking through the end of the year as well as 50% off extra desks.  That is a $450 value and is very generous.  Thank you Craig!

The runners-up get a free Cafe Membership at Mojo Coworking and 50% off extra desks through the end of the year.  $150 value.


McGuire Wood Bissett (

Winners will get 3 hours of legal consultation valued at up to $1000!  Awesome!  If you are going to start a new company these are the lawyers you want on your side.  They will help you navigate the legal and financial mine fields of business startups.  You can already tell they know how to have a company on the internet since their url is so short…SMART!  They are also coordinating with Mojo on potential 3D Printer IP issues.  They are ahead of the game!


Text Ripple (

Text Ripple is providing a free 6 month mobile marketing campaign to help grow and engage your customer base.  $200 value.  Thank you Hans!  Text Ripple is a local favorite that helps companies with their “mobile” marketing and “text” campaigns.  Gotta luv ’em!  We do!


Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce (

One of the winners will receive a free year of membership in the local Chamber of Commerce.  If you want help networking then this is thee number one way to do it in Asheville.  I want one of these but I can’t compete…DANG!


North Carolina Technology Association (

If you want a friend while starting your new “tech” venture these guys are them.  Fortunately they agree Asheville Startup Weekend generates some great potential new companies and have agreed to provide a couple of awesome prizes.

(1) year complimentary membership in the North Carolina Technology Association as part of the NCTApreneur initiative; and

(1) complimentary ticket to NCTA’s 2014 Outlook for IT on January 31, 2014 in Charlotte


Judging Criteria

Winners will be based upon how well the teams followed modern startup practices to mature their business ideas into a potentially profitable company.  The three main criteria the judges will use are:

  1. Customer Validation: Did you go out and talk to potential customers?  Did you listen to them and modify your plans accordingly?
  2. Business Model: How well does your business model differentiate you from potential competitors?  Did you clearly (and realistically) articulate your revenue model?
  3. Execution:  How well did your team execute together?  Did you develop a functional prototype?


We don’t need no stinking judges!

The real judges are potential customers.  However, we have assembled an awesome group of proven entrepreneurs and successful masters of business from the Asheville area.  They will listen to the presentations using the above criteria and their years of experience to determine the top three teams from the weekend.  Check out our main page to see who they are.


Yes, there’s still time to register…

Have you been holding back on registering for Asheville Startup Weekend?

Stop waiting. Register now before it’s too late. Asheville Startup Weekend 2013 starts Friday at 6pm!