Tonight’s presentations are heating up!


The competition is heating up for tonight’s presentations here at Asheville Startup Weekend.  We’ve got eight teams that are hot on the trail!

See below for the team descriptions. If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet for tonight’s presentations, buy one here for $10. See you tonight!

Connecting teachers and parents
Drew Kitt
Jay Hill
Edward Moreadith
Alan Visochek
Andy Paluch
Ritam Chakraborty


We connect through our service editors for personal and student writing.
Katherine Morosoni
Richard Brewster
Bill Morefield
Merry Meeks



YT Jumpr
Support the channels you love
David Bentley
Daniel Sabio
Tara Byrne
Michael Krooss


Recipes Honoring Family Traditions Through Food
Jill Bjers
Torgny Bjers
Tracey Rabjohns
Elaine Beatty
Lisa McAlpine
Donna Donnelly


Like to bike? hike? paddle? Get advice based on your needs. YonderOff is a community review site for the outside enthusiast.
Heather Seltzer
Dave Michelson
Diana Brewster
Bradley Jones
Gregory Youngblood
Corey White
Paul White


LocalFlavorAvl in Facebook
Trevor Parker
Ted Pate
Rob Petty
Hartley Brown
Steve Cooperman



Off The Beaten Path
Produce a magazine that will connect the artist to the art lover’s community
Doris Abramson
Bill Abramson



Asheville’s first indoor/outdoor dog park and bar!
Mandy Berger
Justin Berger