The Winners of Asheville Startup Weekend 2013


Congratulations to everyone who participated in our second annual Asheville Startup Weekend. We hope you enjoyed the roller coaster ride of launching a new business in 54 hours.

This year we had 41 attendees, 24 ideas pitched, 8 teams formed and 14 sponsors.

The Teams

    Connecting teachers and parents
    Helping writers find editors for personal and student writing
  • YT Jumpr
    Support the YouTube channels you love
    Recipes honoring family traditions through food
    Like to bike? hike? paddle? Get advice based on your needs. YonderOff is a community review site for the outdoors enthusiast
  • Local Flavor
    Find the businesses the locals frequent
  • Off The Beaten Path
    A magazine to connect artists to the art lover’s community
  • Bark!
    Asheville’s first indoor/outdoor dog park and bar!

These were incredible teams. Every one has plans to continue past this weekend. View the team photos and their members.

The Winners

  • First Place: Local Flavor
  • Second Place: StudentCal
  • People’s Choice: StudentCal

Check out the awesome prizes these teams won.

Missed the Weekend?

Watch the Sunday night presentations:

  • Part I: Introductions by Jonathan Feldman and Ramphis Castro, then first part of team presentations
  • Part II: Remainder of team presentations
  • Part III: The wrap-up and awards ceremony

Or read these articles:

Special Thanks

During any event, things do go wrong. And we are so sorry that we forgot to acknowledge the support of our sponsor, the A-B Tech Entrepreneurial Development Foundation.

So it’s with sincere apologies and gratitude that we would like to acknowledge their support here. Thanks to the AB-Tech Entrepreneurial Foundation for their support of Sunday evening’s delicious dinner!

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Thanks to everyone who made this year’s event such an amazing time. See you all next year!